Fashion Fun

I’m so excited about today’s post! The idea started when I bought a new pair of pants – and they are green!! I love them and wanted to take a picture to show ‘em off. My amazing husband, Bill, is the one in charge of these AWESOME shots. Along with my green pants, I also decided to include pictures of some of my favorite pieces of jewelery.

In addition to the stupendous green pants and jewelry, the idea snowballed and got even better when Will came downstairs this morning fully dressed and I thought it would be so fun to add him in, too. The thing about Will is, Bill and I both believe that it’s awesome for Will to dress as he wants in whatever he wants (of course, not shorts in winter), but you know what I mean. It’s a way for him to express himself and it’s a battle I don’t think is important enough to fight with him. Granted, I always make sure to tell him if I don’t think something matches, and when he comes home saying his friend didn’t like something he was wearing, I always offer to help him pick something out. But even after these things, he has never stopped picking out his own clothes, and I LOVE that about him!! In his pictures, notice his folded up pants to expose some of the orange lining – also one of my favorite things he does :)

Shirt and pants from New York & Company

Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Personalized necklace from The Vintage Pearl

Michael Kors Ring

Michael Kors Watch

Thanks again, Bill, for the pictures!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Fun

  1. I assume Bill cut up your NY&Co card after the green pants and shirt!! Love all the fashion and also the way Will cares about his clothes! And, you look GREAT!!

  2. You and Will look beautiful/ adorable, and the pics are fantastic!! Bill has a good way with the camera. Where did you get your Michael Kors ring? x

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