Understanding Lego Mania

Growing up, my favorite things to play with were purses, barbies, dolls, and things of the like. I never played with Legos and never had an interest, or, as I recently found out, an understanding of what “Lego Mania” really means.

When Will turned 5, Bill decided to introduce him to Legos since he played with them all through his childhood. Little did I know how completely awesome they are or how interested Will would be in them! This past weekend Bill brought out his Legos from when he was a kid – a huge¬†box. And now…I’m hooked!

Our weekend consisted of hours upon hours in Will’s room putting different silly things together. Even Erin decided she wanted to participate and wade through the massive amount of Legos. Today we took a family trip to the LEGO store and let Will pick out something to put together tonight – my first Lego building project ever! And let me tell you, if you’ve never bought Legos and put them together out of the box – DO IT! It was so fun, especially to do with Will. Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Bill's old collection



It wouldn't be "Lego Mania" if we didn't tear it apart and create something different afterwards!



One thought on “Understanding Lego Mania

  1. LEGO FEVER!! I always bought Bill Legos for every holiday, birthday, etc. I also bought ones that were for kids older than he because putting them together was “intrinsic” to him. He always put it together according to the instructions and sometimes we would take pictures of it! He would be so proud of what he made. After looking at his project, he would take it apart and come up with something better. I knew then he would either be an architect or artist, building something for someone. Look at him now!!

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