Weekend Randomness

Phew! What a weekend and it’s only Saturdy night – 2 more days off to go! Today’s post is about silly randomness!

First off, on Thursday I brought Will’s sheets and blanket home from day care to wash and on Friday when I went to pick them up again, there was a plastic bag with my *clean* underwear in it. Lovely! I guess it somehow got mixed up when Bill washed his sheets the night before.

Today, Bill and I started the afternoon off right to an awesome run in the woods near our house. What a great workout and what a beautiful day!

Also today, Erin took notice of the camera on my iPhone. She really enjoyed making faces at herself. I had to snap a few shots!




Will and I were also able to entertain Erin by tying a shoelace to her binky and walking her around with it. You wouldn’t believe how entertaining that is to a child!


Last but certainly not least, Bill cut up my New York & Company credit card tonight after my latest shopping spree. Although I might add it was completely necessary because I needed new pants/shirts desperately. I am not, however, justifying the use of a store credit card. I should have never gotten it in the first place :( This is why I don’t own a credit card – it just gets me into trouble. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!


Also, until I figure out something different or stop being lazy and start using the desktop computer, this is my setup. Not sure what to make of it.


I’d say so far we’ve had a pretty good weekend! How about you?!


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