Psst! Want a clear head?

I am in complete and total bliss right now. Want to know why? It’s simple and free. I was able to clean and┬áde-clutter yesterday. Generally, I just tidy, dust, and clean every week and that’s about as far as it goes. I’m not usually much of de-clutterer (word?) but I always have “spots” that drive me crazy in my house. So I started this daunting task by making a mental list of the places that drive me nuts. Some examples are:

  • End of kitchen counter (envelopes, pens, headphones, etc.)
  • Messy drawers that could be useful if they were clean
  • Nightstand with miscellaneous items on it
  • Dresser covered with jewelry, lotions, makeup (you name it!)
  • Will and Erin’s dressers – Will had stuffed animals on his dresser from when he was a baby that he never really had an attachment to. Erin had hair bows and socks and other various items strewn about
  • Putting plastic containers into storage of kids’ and Bill’s clothing that no longer fits

So, I was able to conquer all of these things and more. I cleaned up little things that didn’t have a “home” and gave them one. Let me tell you – my life feels completely in order just from doing these things. Every room in my house is clean right now, and nothing is out of place. It is seriously the best high in the world!

Start the Spring season off right by cleaning and de-cluttering. It only took me about 5 hours to really make a dent. (If you don’t have kids, or have kids that can occupy themselves, it will probably only take you 2 hours ;-) ) I never knew that doing so little could make such a big difference. Once you come to the realization that you can conquer just some of the cluttered spots in your house, you’ll be able to do it all!

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