Germ Central

For the past 3 weeks our house has been germ central. Someone has been sick the whole time, except me. It has made things very stressful to say the least.
Erin gave us all a scare as a baby by having a febrile seizure from her fever. She also had one 2 weeks ago. When she was a baby, it scared the life out of me. I had no idea what was going on. I honest to God thought she was dying in my arms. I remember clear as day thinking, “in a couple seconds I will be holding my child in my arms and she won’t be alive.” I remember thinking that I would have only spent 8 months with my daughter. It was the most raw, terrifying feeling I have ever had my whole life. Seeing it last week was easier in the sense that I knew what was going on, but it still pained me to see Erin like that and once again managed to scare me and make me cry. It is by far the worst thing I’ve ever had to watch in my life.
Anyways, I guess my point is that while I’m so cranky and impatient with everyone being sick and a lack of routine, I need to remember that things could be worse. Way worse. I hope someone reading this can take a step back, too, and realize that things could actually be worse…

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