Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl – Copycat

I’m always looking for healthy recipes that everyone in my family will eat. I was craving Chipotle one day and decided to try and find a similar recipe to satisfy my cravings. And I found one! It’s from a blog titled It’s a very neat blog. Not only was the recipe delicious, but the writers actually break out the cost savings to make (in particular) this recipe at home vs. buying it for your family at the restaurant. I encourage others to try it if you want something different and pretty healthy to eat. Or, if you want to be unhealthy, top on the cheese and sour cream!

Corn Salsa

Toppings (homemade guacamole, chicken marinated overnight then cooked on the grill, corn salsa, tomato salsa)

Finished product (in addition to the toppings: cilantro and lime rice, and black beans)


Be sure to check out the recipe! It’s worth the effort and makes quite a bit. I think it would have been a bit easier if I had cut up some of the ingredients (and made the corn/tomato salsa) the night before. Enjoy!

Buzz-Cut, Carrot Cake, Food, Festivities Kind of Weekend

What a great weekend. But before I start in on our fun weekend and birthday festivities for Bill, I just have to post this picture of Erin from the other night. She had just finished eating pizza and we gave her a popsicle to hold for the first time by herself. Results below:

Last night we went out to Fells Point with friends to celebrate Bill’s birthday (it’s on Feb 28). This morning I got up with the kids, took them to church, then out for a bagel. Next to the bagel place was our usual barber shop. So Will said to me, “Mommy, I think I need a haircut. I need a buzzcut.” So after we got our bagels and came home, Bill buzzed Will’s hair. It looks adorable!! I love it, and he does, too!



When the kids went down for a nap (well, only 1 of them slept. Guess which one didn’t?! That’s right, WILL!) I made icing for the carrot cake I made for Bill yesterday (recipe from America’s Test Kitchen). Carrot cake is Bill’s favorite cake and actually one of the only cakes he will ever eat! He’s a lucky man – carrot cake from scratch! But I’m not going to pretend I’m a baker or that I have it all together. It was a total mess as I was making it yesterday. The kids were crazy and cranky and the kitchen was a disaster and I made the supposed to be 2-layer cake unevenly, which resulted in a 3-layer cake :) . Anyways, that’s a whole other story and I will still post my cake photos PROUDLY!

After this, I NAPPED! When the kids woke up, we got together with my family and our in-laws for an early birthday dinner for Bill at Sakura (a hibachi restaurant). It was especially fun because my dad and my younger sister had just returned from a week long mission trip with our church in Costa Rica. My sister in-law went to Costa Rica, too, and was home until Monday morning before heading back to college in NH. It was fun as always.

After dinner, we had carrot cake and gave Bill his presents.

Messy but yummy!

Of course, Will and Erin lucked out from Mom-Mom ;-) Erin got 2 adorable outfits and BOY OH BOY did she LOVE them! I have never seen her react that way to clothes or any present before. She ran around the house holding the 2 hangers babbling, yelling, laughing, and dancing. I wish I could’ve captured it. I tried to get a picture but she wouldn’t stand still for me.

I realized tonight I didn’t even have a picture of the birthday boy! But since his actual birthday is on the 28th I have some time to come up with something.

All in all, it was a fun-full-filled weekend and now I am exhausted. Good-night to everyone and I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did!

The Food Fairy

Do you have a food fairy? Do you know what a food fairy is? Well we have a food fairy here in our household. He brings assortments of delicious foods right into our house – even stocks the cabinets overnight. He will bring lots of goodies! All you have to do is wish for him to come.

Ok, we don’t really have a food fairy. We have “the peapod man,” as Will calls him. And I’m pretty sure Will believes all of the things I wrote above. For any mom (or even dad) who never feels as though they have the time or energy to go grocery shopping after the kids are in bed or during the day and missing out on your kids, I strongly encourage you to try Peapod from Giant. It has made my life a whole lot easier! I know this sounds a bit like an advertisement, but it’s really just a tip for anyone who has never heard of it or always wanted to try it but weren’t sure if they wanted to.

So, what are you waiting for? Get online and order ;-)